They should also place their hand on the trigger guard so that they would not fire by mistake. When driving deer, someone should be in charge of the deer drive. By. They should avoid firing at the animals since they may also be firing in the direction of the stages. Deer accidents can cause injuries, damage and even death to drivers and their passengers. 1. For others, a deer drive is a back-up plan to hunt during midday, when deer are likely to bed up and hide in thick cover. Hunting Strategies – Deer Drives 0. 7 Safe Driving Tips During Deer Season. With deer season upon us, your chances of hitting a deer are much higher during fall months. I still remember like it was yesterday, my first ever deer drive. This was made clear to me on my first deer drive. When autumn begins, it’s important to remember that deer become more active as they get ready for mating season — which can mean a greater risk of deer-related accidents while driving. They will also be the person that sets the pace that … That person will know what area to drive and where to place the deer hunter. Deer drives are an institution in some deer camps, with specific posts and travel corridors handed down from generation to generation like a quality firearm. With most methods a hunter tries hard to hide from deer, but a drive functions just the opposite way. Stay safe while on the road with these tips from the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. To allow air to circulate, cooling the meat quicker. A drive is a good technique for hunting mature bucks, especially once deer have been pressured and have retreated into dense cover. When participating in a man drive, what is an important consideration that drivers should follow? If there is no safe direction for walkers to shoot due to position of the standers, then the walkers should not carry their guns on the drive, to avoid temptation to shoot at a deer that may jump out of its hiding spot. In most cases, it is the person who has the most experience deer hunting the land where the drive is taking place. They will likely know where deer in the area bed, where they eat and where they travel between the two. Check your car insurance to make sure you are covered. 5 Tips for Better Deer Drives. What is the purpose of hanging a harvested game animal from a tree or specially designed rack? Joe Byers - Feb 2, 2015. Here are a few safe driving tips to keep in mind while on the road. By HuntingNet Staff on January 1, 2008 Deer, Pages, staticpages. It’s important to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings to help you avoid this risk. Be cautious while driving during dusk or dawn. When participating in a man drive, an important consideration that drivers should follow is avoid firing at the animals since they may also be firing in the direction of the stages. Deer driving conjures up an image of a dozen hunters lined up walking through the woods toward a half-dozen shooters straight ahead and ready to blast any deer than runs toward them.

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