(spiny softshell) lacks a hard shell and has a round, flattened, leathery carapace (upper shell). This turtle has a long neck and a snorkel-like, elongated snout with large nostrils containing ridges that extend from each septum (Webb, 1973; Gibbs et al., 2007). The Florida softshell turtle ranges on the southern South Carolina to Mobile Bay, Alabama from southeastern lower Coastal Plain. Compare the Guinness World Record tortoise video [2] against any number of Youtube "fastest turtle" videos to see soft-shelled turtles rushing to safety (gee, what incentive would a soft-shelled turtle have to be able to move quickly? Some turtles can "sprint" much faster than any tortoise. Identification: Like most trionychids (softshell turtles), Apalone spinifera. Scientists from World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the Cambodian Fisheries Administration, and the Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team captured and released a 24.2 pound … ). Apr 27, 2014 - World's Largest Freshwater Turtle, the Yangtze Softshell Turtle Almost Extinct | Click for details and please SIGN and share petition to move the last two Yangtze Softshell Turtles from the zoo to a special conservation area away from zoos and zoo visitors so … May 28, 2014 - World's Largest Freshwater Turtle, the Yangtze Softshell Turtle Almost Extinct Stay safe and healthy. WASHINGTON – One of the world’s largest and least studied freshwater turtles has been found in Cambodia’s Mekong River, raising hopes that the threatened species can be saved from extinction. Crucially, this soft-shelled marine turtle possessed a full set of teeth, which subsequent turtles gradually shed over tens of millions of years of evolution. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Florida Softshell Turtle Habitat. They are found in a wide variety of freshwater habitats including ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, … (A new development as of June 2015: researchers have identified a late Triassic proto-turtle, Pappochelys, that was intermediate in form between Eunotosaurus and Odontochelys and thus fills an important gap in the fossil record!)

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