Back at home, our narrator really has no complaints about his new life as a mouse. They gaped. After an exciting adventure in the hotel kitchen, he manages to pour the formula into the witches' soup. He was given 500 doses. His Grandmother believes in witches and she creates an awareness to her grandson stating the real events about children transformed into other creatures and the witch’s cruelty involved to do so.
The climatic conclusion was read yesterday, and the witches were turned into mice and smashed to smithereens (those who were caught, that is). They turned and gave each other ghoulish grins of excitement. They turned him into a mouse. And then it's goodbye to you. ... Why does the narrator (boy) turn into a mouse immediately when he is given the Delayed Action Mouse Maker? "Whoopee!" "Yes!" Dear.

"Vee shall svish them and svollop them and vee shall make to disappear every single smelly little brrrat in Inkland in vun strrroke!" Back in the dining room, all the witches turn into mice and proceed to be stepped on, kicked, and squashed to death with frying pans. When the two mice, one pink the other orange, popped up on his ankle his older brother asked when it would ever end. cried the witches, clapping their hands. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The boy/mouse and his Grandmama are on their way back to Norway, and off to hatch even more brilliant and brave deeds to rid the world of witches. The witches eat the soup, resulting in all of them being turned into mice.
You're making me nervous grandmama. When grandmama died he didn’t cry, the spear with vines wrapping around it cemented on his side. thundered The Grand High Witch. I think I don't want to go back to England. I've known English, which is, she said, who have turned children into fence and then sneak the pleasants up into the Woods the very day before the shooting season opened Ouch. Start studying The Witches Quizlet. The witches gasped. Search. The book ends happily with Luke and his grandmother safely at their home, and Luke accepts the fact that as a human-turned-mouse he will only live for about nine more years. His cousin, the one who had rubbed special ointment on the mark over his heart, glared at him; she had no mark.


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