The ears of an American Curl must be treated carefully because rough handling can damage the cartilage of the ear.

The American Curl’s unusual ears are the result of a spontaneous mutation that occurred in 1981. Popularity (2018): #24. Personality: The American Curl is a lively cat. Origins. The American Curl breed developed from a spontaneous mutation. Disagreements of the Curly horse's history result in confusion of what the breed is, and what it should be called.

Both long and short-haired versions are typical. The founding cat of the American Curl was called Shulamith.She was a long haired black cat with, of course, curled ears. They are original from Lakewood, California, probably as the result of spontaneous mutation.. The American Curl It is a breed of cat is characterized by its unusual ears that curve behind the face towards the back of the skull. Both she and another (who was called Panda) walked into the life of Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California (see map below) in the summer of 1981. A family in Lakewood, California rescued the foundation female, Shulamith, in 1981. She is very interested in people and gets along well with her parents. At birth, the American Curl sports straight ears, but three to five days later those ears start to curl backward. Life span: 12-16 years. In 1987, the American Curl was accepted for registration by The International Cat Association (TICA), and later that year the Curl was awarded championship status by … Cat with ears that are almost upright are considered “pet quality,” while show cats must have the 90-180 degree arc. This elegant and sweet-tempered breed comes in two coats, short and long. The hair length on the long haired curl is really more semi-long than long. Six months later she gave birth to kittens. American Curl Breed History. American Curl is a cat breed that includes both longhaired and shorthaired species. The American Curl is accepted in all colors and patterns. As a non-expert, I can only comment on the clarity of the article. The American Curl was the first accepted for CFA registration in 1986, achieving Provisional status in 1991and quickly advanced to Championship in 1993. She was named Shulamith after a biblical reference, and was formally the first American Curl to come in existence. American Curl Cat. Because of its feral origin, the American Curl comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. The History of the American Curl. On a typical hot June day in 1981, a stray longhaired black female cat with funny ears mooched a meal from Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California, and moved in. We are American Curl cat breeders located in Montgomery, TX and are available for visits. Their curl will then become fixed and permanent.

Selective breeding began in 1983. The coat texture of the American Curl is silky, whether she is a short hair or a long hair. She was a stray, with long, black hair. The American Curl At A Glance: Place Of Origin: United States Dates Of Origin: 1981 Average Weight Range: 7-11 lbs Temperament Of The American Curl: Quietly affable, polite and friendly Breed Colors Of The American Curl: A wide variety of colors and color combinations is acceptable. This reader came to the American Curl article merely for information. Talk:American Curl.

Origin. Hypoallergenic: No. American Curl History. Explore American Curl life span data with pictures, origin and history. The origins of the Curly horse is highly debated in the Curly community, but research is mostly still in progress. The cat is relatively rare outside the USA. History of American Curl. “Shulamith” is the original American Curl to which all bona fide pedigrees trace their origin.

It is mentioned that the origin of the breed was "the result of a spontaneous mutation. This is one awe-striking cat that will produce a smiley expression to whoever comes across one. They adopted this cat and named her Shulamith. The American Curl has distinctive curled ears that form a graceful arc, giving an alert, perky expression.

Initially, a Curl kitten looks similar to any other kitten, though with large, open ears. The history begins in June 1981 when Joe and Grace Ruga (Curlniques Cattery) found two homeless kittens in Lakewood, California. Shorthaired American curly cat required a little more time to develop as the original curly cats were all long-haired and short-haired cats carry many hidden genes for long hair and have long-haired kittens. With her help, both a name and a standard were created, and so was born the American Curl. Discovered in June 1981 in Lakewood, California, the first American Curl was a black beauty named Shulamith. Cat breeders took an interest in …

A stray longhaired black female cat with funny-shaped ears won over Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California in 1981. The American Curl cat is a sweet feline with distinctive ears. Photo: Wilkipedia.

"Shulamith", as she was named, was that stray black cat and is the original American Curl to which all bonafied pedigrees trace their origin.

In 1981, a stray black female feline sporting funny curled ears came across the home of Grace and Joe Ruga in Lakewood, California and took up residence. The American Curl is one of the youngest breeds to grace the cat world. Six months later, this cat gave birth to kittens with unusually curled ears. The American Curl is a distinctive looking cat with backwards curling ears.

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