We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Comments on Angus. What made you want to look up Angus? Angus & Julia Stone - Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian folk and indie pop group, formed in 2006 by brother and sister Angus and Julia Stone. Angus Young - Angus McKinnon Young (born 31 March 1955) is an Australian guitarist, best known as the co-founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and only constant member of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. How to say Angus. It is an Anglicised form of the Scottish Gaelic and Irish Aonghas , which is composed of Celtic elements meaning "one", and "choice".

Angus Meaning - Unique Choice, Exceptional, Outstanding, Excellent Valour. Angus Deayton name numerology is 11 and here you can learn how to pronounce Angus Deayton, Angus Deayton origin and similar names to Angus Deayton name. My husband chose this name because of the rock and roll connotation with Angus Young of ACDC. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Back to “A” NamesBack. When joined together it … Angus is a masculine given name in English. How to say Angus. More info about the name "Angus" Angus is derived from the Gaelic 'Aonghus', a compound of two words - “aon”, which means 'one', and “ghus”, which means 'choice'. How to say Angus. Learn more. Angus pronunciation. Angus Deayton name meaning available! Pronunciation ANG-gəs Meaning Unique choice. Aonghas (Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈɯnɯ.əs̪]) is a masculine given name in Scottish Gaelic.Derived from the Old Irish given name Oíngus, it is composed of Celtic elements meaning "one", and "choice". To find out more about the origin and meaning of the name Angus, as well as similar names, visit babynames.co.uk for inspiration!

View a Random NameRandom. Angus definition: a council area of E Scotland on the North Sea: the historical county of Angus became part... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Name meaning for Angus with description, pronunciation for Angus and origin of the given name. He fell deeply in love with a beautiful girl he saw in a dream and passed through many trials, including turning himself into a swan, to win her love. MEANING: From aon “”excellent”” and gus “”strength, vigor.”” Aengus was the god of love and of youth.

How To Pronounce Angus (1995 film) How To Pronounce Angus (cattle) How To Pronounce Angus (constituency) How To Pronounce Angus (council area) How To Pronounce Angus (disambiguation) How To Pronounce Angus (district) How To Pronounce Angus (film) How To Pronounce Angus (given name) How To Pronounce Angus (lieutenancy area)

Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. See more. A variant spelling of the Scottish Gaelic name is Aonghus . Definition of angus noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

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