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The animals expanded the shelter, making it easily large enough for two entire tribes of animals to live in. The Return of Juno is a level 8, non-member adventure that takes place after Flying Beyond Jamaa and The New Age, where Juno returns to his normal state by the shadow mages. Animal Jam is an award-winning online animal game for kids. Chat. Register Start a Wiki.

Juno. The Hidden Juno Statue is a non-member den item that was released on August 16, 2018. Juno looked up at the tall, glowing blue crystal. Hey Jammers! There is a chunk missing from one ear and a patch of green oxidation at the bottom. Prologue. Lilywei00 aka Snowfeather00 ️-----Codes: Penguins Fastfalcon Pirateship twelve adorableotter JUNO Billygoat Arctic kangarooparty Ajbday6 Poshpig SCL54733528 Jordan FUNNYFOX DASHINGDOLPHIN LUCKYLLAMA PLAYFULPANDA CURIOUSRACCOON SNOWYLEOPARD JAMMERJOEY ADORABLEOTTER TOUCHYTOUCAN.

Trivia. Galaxy_Goddess: elements1234: crown: View all members married to Juno: Filter by post type. At the time, very few empires actually existed.

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Elvis3480 here to report all of the latest happenings in Jamaa, starting with the Jamaa Journal!


The Animal Jam codes list was last updated May 2019. The Juno Plaque appears to be a blue-gray rock.

Lately, they have also been releasing different apps. Ok, firstly, let's explain the background. Audio. Trivia.

Icywonders is a semi-known artist on Animal jam. On the first page, news of this weeks' Wild Weekend sale!

Quote. Second of all, Juno is once again referred to by they/them pronouns (specifically 'themself'), which all but confirms my theory that Juno is the first nonbinary Alpha! Image size. FANDOM.

juno is now my favorite character ever. Begin.

It has ecru/cream colored fur with mustard yellow patterns as well as a bright red base and face. The muzzle has a black tip as the nose, and an arrow-like stripe pattern pointing up the snout.


Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? even though i know almost nothing about them. Grid View List View.

Last Updated 4/19/20. Audio.

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Text. aj juno < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent.

dont kill me if more information comes out and some part of this is incorrect i'll work that in somehow p.s.

Let me tell you the truth. Post more … Chat. The truth about Juno.

It ended up turning into an entire underground city. a little made-up story about juno n star (see the writing in the balloosh temple). Text.

She is known to be very nice to everyone she meets and to be silly at times. Unfollow.
:D That's a great first for Animal Jam, let alone any kids game! Animal Jam Stories Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I will add more unexpired codes for 2019 as soon as they come out, thanks for looking!


since we have no idea what star or fang looks like i'm also going to imagine designs that will differ from the canonical designs (if we do get canonical designs at some point).
EDIT: My theory is CONFIRMED!!!

Quote. Yay! hey-auden . oof i'm such a sucker for gold themed characters you guys have no idea .

Then, Juno. All posts. So, you all know about Captain Melvin. All posts. If you want to buy the... Trading.

Be sure to p

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