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Breadth is one of the most exciting aspects of the University's undergraduate degrees.

Study with us for a semester – or throughout the duration of your course. You will usually need to complete at least four breadth subjects as part of your course. I'm a bit confused about the breadth subject system (along with, tbh, the entire class selection process). Food for a Healthy Planet. Students planning to undertake single units of study are advised to check the handbook to ensure that prerequisites are met. Breadth Subjects. Explore artistic play, expression and performance in the growth and creative development of children and young people through active and experimental learning in diverse settings. 1. Students planning to undertake single units of study should be advised to … The Bachelor of Biomedicine offers 14 majors across a range of biomedical disciplines. It is a suggested set of subjects, rather than a requirement.

Breadth Tracks. Finding breadth tracks for your course

Breadth subjects allow you to gain knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines, enabling you to develop insight, experience, and new ways of thinking in areas distinct from the main fields of …

Year One of your undergraduate degree.

Semester One. Breadth tracks have been developed to help you to choose coherent sequences of breadth subjects. Breadth subjects expand your personal and professional skills by giving you an opportunity to: Collaborate across diverse networks and disciplines; Tap into other bodies of knowledge and methods of enquiry; Stay on top of new technologies ; Attune to different cultures and contexts; Make lasting contributions in your profession. Hi, I'm a domestic student but I've grown up overseas so I expect I know a lot less about the Australian uni system than other students. Breadth subjects allow … A breadth track is a grouping of three or more subjects that will allow you to progressively develop knowledge and skills in a study area. If you have anything to do with the University of Melbourne and want to post … Press J to jump to the feed. What law breadth tracks are available? Food is a basic human need. Level One. Close. From agriculture and food and wine - to animal science and climate change, you can pursue your passion and relate it to your core degree. 'Breadth tracks' (groups of breadth subjects in the same sort of study area taken throughout your degree) may even qualify you for graduate study in a field that's very different to your major. Explain the system of breadth subjects and tracks?

A breadth track is a grouping of three or more subjects that allow you to progressively develop knowledge and skills in a study area.

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