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Canadian firearms and guns news source. Antique Guns in Canada. Share with: Link: Copy link.

Look no further. Looking to Buy Antique Pistols, Antique rifles or other Antique Firearms in Canada? paullangs. dryden gun show Sat Aug 15th, 2020 . We sell firearms and ammunition online and ship to … Barry's Bay Gun & Sportsmans Show Sat Aug 8th, 2020 .

Registered Member. The largest free Canadian new and used firearms market place and classifieds. Canadian Gun Nutz > All > Equipment Market > Antique . DUNCAN GUN SHOW Sun Aug 16th, 2020 . The largest free Canadian new and used firearms market place and classifieds.

paullangs. A resource for rare and discontinued firearm parts for every brand and make. Forum is ranked 400 out of 1348 forums. Shop antique firearms in Canada!

EGANVILLE GUN SHOW Sat Aug 15th, 2020 .

Firearms Canada is the top classified site for used guns for sale in Canada. Our Antique Firearms Classifieds is a great community of antique gun lovers looking to sell their unique pieces and knowledge with each other. Post Mar 31, 2010 #1 2010-03-31T23:30. Forum de discussion Canadien sur les armes àfeu et la chasse.

Call us today for more information on gun purchase. I have a J.P.Sauer &Sohn Model 1913, 7.65mm which I would like to sell.

Used Rifles, Used Shotguns, & Antique Firearms for sale!

Canada's Premiere Social Media Reference for Firearm Community Related Information; from the Uniquely Canadian Perspective 1.

Please send your detailed questions and applicable, high-resolution photos

Visit Forum » Forum Details. 1 post Antique Antique . Looking to buy or sell used firearms in Canada? Canadian gun owners community. OLDS GUN SHOW Sat Aug 15th, 2020 .

Canadian gun owners community.

PARRY SOUND GUN SHOW Sat Aug 22nd, 2020 . Our retail store is located in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Look no further. This page contains European-made handguns mostly from Britain, France, Belgium and Spain.

It is in good operating condition.

I believe the model # is close to …

OLDS GUN SHOW Sat Aug 15th, 2020 .

Look no further. A collection of gun parts, holsters and other firearm related tools.

PARRY SOUND GUN SHOW Sat Aug 22nd, 2020 . VERNON GUN AND ANTIQUE SHOW Fri Aug 21st, 2020 . Here you will find more flint locks, percussion and cartridge arms, as well as parlour pistols, duelling and travelling pistols, muff pistols, revolving arms, pepperboxes and the odd "pocket shotgun". Our Antique Firearms Classifieds is a great community of antique gun lovers looking to sell their unique pieces and knowledge with each other. Well, the short answer is: if it is a genuine antique, or a reproduction of one that falls under the "prescribed" list of "antique firearms" (which does not include repro handguns), it is offically and legally *not* a firearm, except for "use" offences: pointing, discharging, etc etc at a person. You will need a 12.6 endorsement for acquisition. Canadian Guns and Firearms Discussion Forums for Shooting and Hunting in Canada. Forum software: vBulletin

Antique American and European handguns, revolvers and pistols from the 18th and 19th centuries COLEMAN GUN SHOW Sat Aug 8th, 2020 .

COLEMAN GUN SHOW Sat Aug 8th, 2020 .

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