They choose to come here, the Cayman Islands Government did not force them to come here. Where appropriate, arrangements for home schooling can be made.

The head of the government for the Cayman Islands, Premier Alden McLaughlin, has announced that employers are now expected to foot the quarantine bill for returning work-permit holders who will be placed in isolation for 14 days.Last week, the government announced that work-permit …

Dependants of Work Permit Holders. Unless they have a prior permission, which is yet to expire, they must first apply for (and hold) an RERC on the basis of marriage to a Caymanian. Work permits for the Cayman Islands To protect the local Islanders from what is viewed as undue competition from unqualified overseas applicants seeking to work in the Cayman Islands, the Immigration Board has developed a policy of work permits and criteria by which potential expatriate workers are assessed. A Temporary Work Permit may be issued for periods of up to six months at the discretion of the Chief Immigration Officer and for all occupations.

If the dependant is a child, a certified birth certificate naming you as a parent and (if old enough) a letter from a Cayman Islands’ private school confirming acceptance is required (expat children are only allowed to attend private schools, unless their parents work for the government).

Post your resume for employers and recruiters. THE IMMIGRATION (TRANSITION) LAW, 2018 (LAW 33 OF 2018) THE IMMIGRATION (TRANSITION) (TEMPORARY WORK PERMITS AND BUSINESS VISITORS’ PERMITS) REGULATIONS, 2019 An application for a work permit should be sent to: The Secretary to the Work Permit Board, P.O. The Government owes no one a living and is doing what they are doing out of compassion and kindness. The fee for a Certificate of Direct Investment totals about US$25,500 and covers dependents.

Looking for a new career? To work in the Cayman Islands as a non-citizen, a work permit is required. OR The Secretary to the Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Immigration Board, Government Administration Building, P.O.

! or If you have dependents on your work permit, your employer will also have responsibility for … Cayman Island Jobs and Careers.

After this period the board cannot normally grant the person any further work permits until he or she has left the Islands for at least two years. The only exceptions to this would be a worker designated as an 'exempted employee' in a business staffing plan, or where the board considers that there are … 1) Full Work Permit (A Gainful Occupation License/FWP) Allows one person to work and remain in the Cayman Islands for a specified period of time (except persons married to Caymanians).

Children born in the Cayman Islands to expats are not automatically entitled to reside in Cayman. A prospective immigrant worker will not be granted a permit unless certain medical conditions are met, including testing negative for syphilis and HIV . It allows you to work and reside in the Islands with your family. This involves passing a police background check and a health check. It takes about six weeks to process. Their treatment varies depending on the immigration status of their parents.

Find the best applicants! This page was last updated on 28 June 2019. 6 dated 23rd January, 2019. Box 1098, Grand Cayman KY1-1102, CAYMAN ISLANDS. The spouse of a Caymanian has no entitlement to a work permit, or even to reside in the Cayman Islands on the basis of their marriage. In January 2007, amendments revising the Cayman Islands Immigration Law (2006 Revision) came into force. We have provided and handled Immigration issues for the Hyatt Resort, Foster’s Food Fair IGA, Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Discovery, Tips & Toes Ltd., Caribbean Optical, AMB Construction, Britt Hay to name a few.
Box 240, Cayman Brac KY2-2101, Cayman Islands. Can I Get a Cayman Islands Passport?

Work permit holders are allowed to bring their dependants to the Cayman Islands with them but they must show that they earn a minimum of CI$3,500 per month.

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