The Chinese box turtle is an omnivorous species and will feed on vegetation, berries, worms, slugs, and snails in the wild. Chinese box turtle for sale online.

A stable diet of 50% animal protein or high protein foods, 40% vegetables and leafy greens, and 10% fruit is recommended.

There are two recognized subspecies of this species. Buy baby Chinese box turtles for sale from the best box turtle breeders near me anywhere. Although you can provide them with leafy greens, the Chinese box turtle tends to ignore them.

Chinese Box Turtles (Cistoclemmys flavomarginata) are one of the finest of all the box turtles. A Chinese box turtle is known for having a curious personality and often follow their owners for a treat. Box turtles are omnivores that lean more towards the carnivorous and insectivorous side of the spectrum.

Also called the Yellow-margined box turtle, they have golden yellow head markings - with an orange chin, yellow … When choosing a baby Chinese box turlte to purchase, we recommend a well-started baby Chinese box turtle. Buy turtle hatchlings cheap. In captivity, a diet of vegetables, fruits, and animal protein is best. Found in the ponds and overgrown streams of southern China, Taiwan, and on the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, this handsome turtle has a hinged bottom, just like it's American Box Turtle counterparts. The species is omnivorous. Chinese box turtles do not relish large amounts of leafy greens but will readily eat other shredded vegetables.

Earthworms are an excellent source of animal protein and … Baby Chinese box turtles are a fairly hardy species. Overall, Chinese box turtles are very easy to care for. Chinese box turtle is a semi-aquatic species of turtle found in China, Taiwan and Japan. As you may already have guessed, variety is key.

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