Recenzja 16 czerwca 2011, 12:23. I like what he said at the end about all you need to revive Duke Nukem is go get people with heart. Randy Pitchford is a great guy even though Duke Nukem 1, 2, 3D Classic & the Duke 3D expansions are discontinued. Those aliens are gonna pay.

Civvie cracks me the fuck up and I was just wondering if there was a backstory. The Power of Hate: Civvie channels AM while describing to the audience how much he hates Captain Dylan from Duke Nukem Forever. Kiepsko wypada również oprawa graficzna. Civvie reviews mostly retro games from the First-Person Shooter genre or modern shooters inspired by retro FPS games. Reminds me about my draft for a Duke 5, which I made whilst bored. Forums: Rise of the Triad - Civvie 11 - Forums I think I'll share an opening pitch. The vacation from Duke is over. ; Memetic Mutation: Commenters reminding Civvie of his promise to review Duke Nukem Forever at 100k subscribers, a milestone eventually reached - as a result, a video on the game was thus made. Memetic Badass: Civvie sees John Carmack as a one of the super genius variety. Refused the Call : As a matter of habit.

I believe I have watched every episode and I was wondering if there was an episode that explained what is with the dungeon and who all the characters are in it like “Katie” are?

Draft: Duke Nukem is now a depressed washed up celebrity. Civvie 11 (also known as Civvie's Dungeon) is a Youtube channel focusing on video games. Without him, there would be no Homeworld Remastered, Borderlands, Half-Life Expansions or Gearbox Shift Community. Duke Nukem Forever - recenzja gry. Duke Nukem is a product of his time and the people who played it back then were interested in all his stupid gimmicks and his badassery which was more acceptable back then. The channel, featuring a Let's Play style and the central "Civvie 11" character, is best known for the "Pro" series, which are a humorous series of playthroughs. Daikatana & Duke 3D Episode 4: Yes Duke World Tour: Maybe No Why doesn't Civvie like Randy Pitchford? Civvie 11 is a YouTube channel dedicated to video games, particularly retro first-person shooters and occasionally movies. "Pro [FPS game released in the 90s] when, Civvie?"

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