Males average 80 – 110 grams, while females average 60 – 90 grams when fully grown.

A 15- to 20-gallon tank is large enough for two to three leopard geckos, but there should only be one male per habitat, and only keep males and females together if you want to deal with breeding. But they live for up to 20 years so it’s a good idea to give them a name that really suits them.

Leopard geckos! We will contact you via email (within 48 hours) with a shipping quote, and to pay for and schedule shipping! This is a very varied group, with diverse morphology, on one hand, there are the lizards (Lacertilia), generally small as the leopard gecko, the green anole and the other geckos.

Add a gecko to your cart to buy now, or use Contact Us and fill out the form to request a payment plan. That can make picking a name a bit difficult, but don’t worry – there are plenty of cute unisex names that will suit a leo for life, regardless of its a boy or a girl. Old fish tanks that don't hold water anymore also work perfectly well for leopard geckos.

The leopard gecko refers to a specific species of gecko. Ironically, though this is the most common pet gecko, it lacks a few very common features other geckos share.

These exotic-looking guys love to nom on crickets and mealworms and bask in direct light—in fact, they need about 12 hours of visible light every day. And when properly cared for, leopard geckos can live up to a whopping 20 years. Coming up with names for leopard geckos is one of the funnest things to do. Most of the reptiles that have been adopted as pets belong to the Squamata group to which the ophidians and lizards belong. Unisex Leopard Gecko Names. By purchasing or starting a payment plan on a gecko(s), you agree to all of our Terms. Leopard Geckos are easily one of the most beloved types of reptiles. The full scientific name of the leopard gecko is Animalia Chordata Reptilia Squamata Gekkota Eublepharidae Eublepharis Macularius . A lot of leopard gecko big box breeders will go for the absolute cheapest option that keeps their animals alive—- small cages, UTH+thermostat, minimal set-up, no UVB, etc, and this becomes ingrained in the hobby as ‘normal’ and ‘ideal’ when it’s really just… the bare minimum.

You can go for something cute, cool, male or female, boy or girl, unisex or just plain badass. They are especially attractive among lizards, and even reptile-haters often find them to be irresistibly cute. Leopard geckos … Giant leopard geckos are one of the biggest leopard geckos there are for sale. They are friendly, docile, and fairly easy to take care of.

In the picture shown, a giant tremper albino leopard gecko is seen. If you have a hatchling or a juvenile, you won’t know the sex until he or she is older.

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