Sightings mainly around Kenilworth and Connonadale ranges however the occasional roadkill has been seen in areas containing the right habitat in the undulating, vegetated outer suburbs on the coast such as Landsborough, Maleny and possibly Kiels Mountain.

VENOM: Dangerously venomous, seek emergency assistance if bitten. The back can be shades of grey to reddish-brown and is usually marked with lighter bands. The death adder is a very rare snake now because of the cane toad, but some populations still exist on the coast. Common Name Common Death Adder. Colouration is variable, with both pale grey to reddish-brown animals in most populations. Death Adder. Length: 400-700 mm. Common death adder Acanthophis antarcticus.

This dangerously venomous snake is more active at night and only grows to around 80 cm.

Grows to 75cm. The Death Adder is uncommonly sighted throughout the Sunshine Coast. Acanthophis praelongus Ramsay, 1877 Northern Death Adder.

Habitat. A ready biter only if harassed.

Tail, raning from black to yellow terminates rapidly into thin tip of soft, raised, textured scales.

February 1930 Death adder: Rachel Pratt, 11yo female Toowoomba, Queensland, bitten on the foot, brought to hospital but died 3 hours later. Video 1.22.

Can be found in large coastal and inland areas of Queensland, particularly in the south. This snake can be any colour with or without bands but he is hard to miss being a very short fat snake with a tail much thinner than the rest of his body. Distribution. The Common Death Adder, Acanthophis antarcticus, an ambush predator. The Death Adder Strike. In SEQ found in forests of D’Aguilar Range, Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious & Gold Coast Hinterland region.

You might consider them to be more dangerous than endangered, but numbers of the common death adder are plummeting. The Common Death Adder is easily recognised by its triangular-shaped head, short stout body and thin tail. Habitat. Distribution South Aust, Queensland, NSW & ACT, Western Aust. Highly Venomous. Family Front Fanged Venomous. Threatened Species of the Northern Territory . Queensland Common Death Adder Acanthophis antarcticus. Once abundant in many areas, this species has experienced a dramatic reduction in … Common Death Adder. this is an original c1902 trade card. This snake can be any colour with or without bands but he is hard to miss being a very short fat snake with a tail much thinner than the rest of his body.

(2005) shows that what was considered the northern species A. praelongus is at least three species.

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