Your hands should be under your elbows on the plank position AND in … Incline bench press. Though, an also over-emphasize shoulders. The constants between the dumbbell and barbell bench press are the main muscle groups that they both work, those being the chest, shoulders and triceps. Make sure the bench is adjusted to between 15 and 30 degrees on an incline. In general, the narrower (close) hand placement involves higher muscle activation of both, the chest and the triceps. Floor Press vs Bench Press. That means you can load it heavier with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) than the open grip … More precisely, it means that the elbows should be under the bar.

The subjects used a straight bar, so the wide grip wasn’t terribly wide, but enough to get the necessary data. Lie back on an incline bench. As a rule of thumb, here are the typical reasons. Middle grip was 1.5 times the biacromial width. The differences come with the amount of weight that can be utilized, the stability demand, the sharing of the weight between the two arms and the difference in grip. Both exercises are performed using the same movement—the only difference is that with the wide grip bench press, your hands are placed farther apart on the barbell. Wide Grip - Close Grip - Reverse Grip: Why that grip though? OPENING ARGUMENT DEFENSE Close-grip barbell curls target the long (outer) head of the biceps, which makes up the biceps peak. In fact your hands will be place a lot wider and further than the regular grip. Use the bench press enough, and you will quickly notice many different grip variations being used. The main difference between this exercise and the standard bench press is that the hands and elbows are placed closer together, which places more of an emphasis on the triceps.

Wide grip was double the biacromial width.
Wide grip is really wide. For this variation, the front of the bench is angled between 45 and 60 degrees so you are leaning back slightly.

PROSECUTION Wide-grip barbell curls allow you to use more weight and stress the short (inner) head of the biceps more. I would have liked to see them also use a supinated grip (palms toward you), or even a neutral grip. Bring the barbell to your lower-pec/upper-ab region while keeping your elbows in tight to the torso. In the below sections we will determine which exercise (barbell bench press or barbell floor press) is best for eliciting the desired training outcome(s).

The wide grip bench press is a variation of the regular bench press. However, harder also means a bit more risky. The best alternative is to split the difference between a super narrow and a standard grip, which should fall somewhere between 8–10 inches. By easier, I mean less stress on the connective tissue (ligaments and tendons), rotator cuff, as well as being more mechanically advantageous. The range of motion is a little smaller on those since they are so wide. Beginner’s Tip. This is true of the dumbbell bench press, pull ups, etc. It targets muscles of the upper chest and shoulders.

The narrow variation is thereby somewhat harder to do for most people. Anything higher than 30 degrees mainly works the anterior deltoids (shoulders). EVIDENCE The biceps muscles are composed of two di erent heads that start from di […] Wide grip: targets the outer chest and provides a greater stretch. The close-grip bench press is a popular exercise targeting the triceps and chest. Just as it is with the bench press, the best position is to have the forearms directly under the barbell. Wide grip push ups are a really wide 90 degrees.

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