Left untreated, malocclusion in your pet guinea pig will lead to malnutrition, weight loss and diarrhea. Indeed, guinea pig malocclusion of the back teeth can even result in death as the back molars begin to grow into the gums and tongue. In the guinea pig, the growth rate of these aradicular hypsodont teeth may not be equal with the eruption rate. Guinea Pig Malocclusion - Peaches' Story When a guinea pig stops eating normally, you know there's something wrong. Treatment for malocclusion: This depends on how bad the teeth have grown but usually they will be trimmed by the vet.

The first warning sign came when Peaches didn't scarf down her blueberry right away. In extreme cases, teeth that continue to grow overlong can protrude into the mouth, trapping the tongue so you pig cannot swallow properly. Chinchillas and guinea pigs are common pocket pets that often present to veterinary facilities in poor health. The molar teeth wear unevenly, and maxillary cheek teeth develop spurs which grow into and ulcerate the cheeks, whilst the mandibular cheek teeth grow towards the tongue causing buccal ulceration. Rabbits, which are lagomorphs, possess a 2nd set of maxillary incisors, and all their teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. We often have new members that think that home treating is acceptable and going to the vet should only be done if the home remedies don't work. Signs of malocclusion: Your guinea pig is losing weight or having trouble eating. Eight hundred dollars does seem extremely steep... one of my pigs that had malocclusion had her teeth filed plus an abscess lanced for under two hundred. Fungal treatments can have consequences for the development of such young animals, especially in respect of their livers as all guinea pigs groom and therefore ingest the antifungal treatment. Eventually, the lack of sufficient food and intestinal fiber can cause death. Guinea Pigs have continually growing and erupting teeth. In fact, sudden weight loss is the main sign of malocclusion of the back molars. Confused by her uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm, I peered at her as she took her time chewing, making unusual jaw movements as if she was trying to dislodge food from between her teeth. This dynamic (changing) relationship between the upper and lower teeth can result in malocclusion development. They have an elodont dentition which consists of aradicular hypsodont incisors and cheek teeth. Pain, cysts, jaw dislocation, and other negative symptoms of guinea pig malocclusion invariably lead to nutrition problems like anorexia. In Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs, Virginia C. G. Richardson writes, “Molar malocclusion can be an inherited condition, or it can develop in any guinea pig over 1 year of age. Left untreated, your guinea pig will eventually be unable to eat and will become seriously ill so it is vital you go to the vet as soon as you notice the problem.

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