Valley glaciers are a few miles to a few tens of miles long. glaciers carry rock debris with them as they move. Continental glaciers cover a great area of land, such as the glaciers covering Greenland and the North Pole and South Pole, while valley glaciers are... See full answer below. 3. Greenland and Antarctica are almost entirely covered with ice sheets that are up to 3500 m (11 500 ft) thick. Valley glaciers are glaciers that form in valleys in high, mountainous areas. How does the process of plucking cause erosion D. Rocks are mixed with sediment and dropped at the edges of the glacier. Continental glaciers are continuous masses of ice that are much larger than alpine glaciers.Small continental glaciers are called ice fields. Continental glaciers are hundreds to thousands of miles long. Valley glaciers travel down between the mountain ridges; these. Which of the following causes glaciers to flow downhill? Continental and valley glaciers both develop in regions where there is constant snowfall and freezing temperatures throughout the year. Big continental glaciers are called ice sheets. Continental. C. Continental glaciers flow in all directions as they move, while valley glaciers mice down slopes already cut by rivers 2. glaciers are giant ice masses that cover hundreds of miles. 1.How are continental glaciers different from valley glaciers? No. The movement of a valley glacier occurs when the growing ice mass becomes so heavy that the ice maintains its rigid shape and begins to flow. The two different glaciers are valley and continental glaciers and they are different because continental glaciers are the largest, and valley glaciers are on the top of mountain peaks. For most valley glaciers,flow begins when the accumulation of snow and ice exceeds 20 m in thickness.As a valley glacier moves, deep cracks in the surface of the ice, called crevasses, can … Both types of glaciers move at a very slow pace.

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