:) Some people do the 10% rule. Even though wild Western hognoses inhabit areas that are semi-arid, pets still need a ready supply of clean water at all times.

All snakes are carnivores. If you notice that your western hognose snake starts to get obese, reduce its food intake. But although timid, they are still unique, and have their own habitat, feeding, and sanitation requirements. Length: An average adult Eastern Hognose snake is of about 28inches in length.Females are longer than the males of the species. This involves the removal of dirty substrates, cleaning the furniture, replacing the climbing materials, refilling water etc. Be very careful with the diet of your western hognose.

/females 28-36in, exceptionally mild temperament and easy care make it an ideal specimen for professional breeders and hobbyist alike. Take a baby Hognose Snake for example; this slithering reptile is often patterned with large, rectangular patterns along their back, their tail is keeled, it come in many colors like brown, yellow, grey or black, and has an upward pointed nose, hence, the “hognose” snake. They have faster metabolisms and grow better on smaller meals. While it’s difficult to say how often you should feed your snake, a weekly feeding schedule should work for most snakes. They are great snakes. Hibernation attempts: some snakes naturally hibernate, and cooler weather may lower your snake's energy levels and appetite. There Is Increasing Concern For The Stability Of The Eastern Hognose Population Eastern Hognose Snake Source. Actually most I know who keep giant constrictors (reticulated pythons, rock pythons, burmese pythons, green anacondas, and to a lesser extent, amethystine/scrub pythons), feed their adults every 2-3 weeks, a prey item sized the same as for most snakes, about as thick or a little thicker than the snake is at it's thickest point.

Some baby snakes, particularly those hatched late in the season, will not accept pinkies until the following spring. Care Sheet For Western Hognose Snakes. Western Hognose Snake Water. These snakes do not get sick often and are easy to look after.

As the snake gradually increases in size, gradually increase the size of the food as well. 10% of their weight = weight of food. Change the water and wash the water bowl at least every week, and more often if the snake fouls the … A baby Hognose Snake could eat 2 pinkies or a baby toad (or two) every week or so. Do not feed your snake any wild prey. Seasonal changes: your snake may respond to changing seasons with changes in its appetite. If you're having challenges with your hognose snake, feel free to ask our experienced …

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