). Just soak in warm water dig out the softened mud with a cocktail stick rinse and let dry you will do more damage than good trying to clean the metalwork ' IF IN DOUBT DIG IT OUT ' Whites Bullseye 11 pin-pointer Minelab Equinox 800 & Minelab x-terra 705 Yes, I tried this on a non-valued item. Help cleaning a crotal bell Hey everyone so I dug this crotal bell this past weekend and it has a crusty layer on it and I was looking for some ideas on how to clean it so I can display it. The bell is made from a Brass like alloy, Copper, Zinc and small amounts of other metals. Friendly Metal Detecting Forums > Everything About Finds > Cleaning Your Finds: Help cleaning a crotal bell Crotal bells were extremely popular from at least the early medieval period and although many founders also made this type of bell, no others offered such a range of sizes (over 30! Electrolysis to remove the rust (ferrous oxide) will turn the brass alloy pink. I have not found a good method to remove rust … Last edited by M40bnk; 01-14-2020 at 05:08 PM . Wow, that is a crusty Crotal bell. Help cleaning a crotal bell Cleaning Your Finds.

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