If you prefer fetch toys check out How to Make Dog Toys Out of Socks.. You can make toys like this yourself or buy them. Shop Chewy for low prices and the best dog interactive toys! Here you'll find a great selection of mental exercise toys for every dog, including treat dispensing balls & toys… Interactive Dog Toys. Interactive dog toys (or enrichment dog toys) provide a challenge for your dog. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service! Their unique features keep your dog interested & having fun for hours!

The best interactive dog toys work by employing any of a few different functions. These are the best ones to start with -- use them to gauge your dog's interest and chewing behaviors before you buy a bunch of toys for your bored dog. Interactive toys are ideal for when you want to give your dog a more stimulating playtime, or when you can’t focus 100% of your attention on them (like if you’re on the phone or trying to cook). Importance of Good Dog Toy. Keep them busy for hours with interactive dog toys from PetSmart. If you have a scholarly pup with a high IQ, challenge them with an interactive toy. Snack Toys Chew Toys Toys which occupy the mind are important for the development of your dog's intelligence, intuition, and instincts. Check out the most puzzling toys to keep your dog guessing, from top brands like Kong, Outward Hound, Nylabone & more. They come in electronic varieties as well as manual puzzle types and different dogs prefer different types of interactive toys. They should engage your dog’s natural instincts to bite, chase, sniff, chew, and/or lick. Treat-dispensing dog toys reward them for solving puzzles and keep them mentally and physically active while you're away. Dog toys are at the heart of most bonding moments between pet and parent. So while they aren’t necessarily toys exclusively for dogs who are home alone, they certainly provide all dogs with engaging, interactive playtime. That’s because dogs of all ages thrive on regular exercise and interaction to keep them happy and healthy. Interactive dog toys are toys that challenge your dog’s brain and give him something to think about as he’s solving the puzzle.

We offer a large selection of quality interactive dog toys with Free Shipping. Shop interactive dog toys at Canada's favourite online pet supplies store.

Interactive Dog Toys Dogs can get bored, especially when left alone.

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