Same cast, same director, and same cheesy zombie-killing goodness. The mother of an abducted boy who has been legally declared dead wants alcoholic cop Jesse Stone to reopen the kidnapping case. Robert Harmon Director. Stephen McHattie Captain Healy. Tom Selleck Jesse Stone. Kohl Sudduth Luther "Suitcase" Simpson. When his friend and fellow cop is shot during a visit to Boston, small town police chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) risks his life and career to solve the crime while also investigating the disappearance of a missing child in this exciting fifth installment in the popular Jesse Stone movies based on the best-selling books by Robert B. Parker. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005) Mystery / Thriller. Jesse Stone is back! Country USA. Jesse investigates the suspicious death of a young friend while the police force deals with the arrogant new police chief who is the son-in-law of a town councilman. Country USA. Well, look no further, because color us impressed. Jesse Stone fans’ prayers have been answered — after a three-year break, the popular Jesse Stone TV movie franchise will resume with its signature star, Tom Selleck, on a new network, H… ‎Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011) directed by Dick Lowry • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd Seriously, we wanted nothing less than the same movie just 10 years later, right? The chief of police, a former LA homicide detective, in a small New England town investigates a series of unexplained murders, calling upon his all old skills to train his inexperienced staff, skills that must be used when the case is further complicated by the rape of a high school girl. Kathy Baker Rose Gammon. Cast and crew. Leslie Hope Sidney Greenstreet. User_766212 am 15.07.2019 14:37: Danke für die Info, das wäre natürlich ganz toll. Ich finde Tom Selleck ist ein wirklich sehr guter Schauspieler, vor allem wenn man den direkten Vergleich seiner Rolle in Jesse Stone und in Blue Bloods zieht, wo er völlig verschiedene Charaktere eines Polizisten spielt, die beide absolut glaubwürdig sind. IMDb 7.2. Also, this cast is probably one of our all-time favorites, like ever. Cast and crew. William Sadler Gino Fish. IMDb 7.2. RELATED: The 10 Best Emma Stone Movies (According To IMDb)

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