Therefore, in addition to photographs, this booklet contains brief writ- ten descriptions and range maps. The Forum. This species also has been known to find its way near the outskirts of large cities (Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commision 1999). Michigan State Status: Endangered; MDNR Wildlife Action Plan Status: Species of Greatest Conservation Need . Sep 22, 2013 - Kirtland's Snake (Clonophis kirtlandii). native; Habitat. The Kirtland’s snake was once known from more than 100 counties in eight states. Phil Peak Posts: 523 Joined: Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:17 pm Location: Kentucky. One, Kirtland's snake is quite rare and local in Ohio, and is currently listed as a threatened species. Kentucky’s snakes. Distribution and Status: This species occurs in west and central Ohio, most of Indiana, southern Michigan, north-central Kentucky, and north-eastern and central Illinois; they have also been recorded in western Pennsylvania and extreme southeastern Wisconsin. Scientific Name: Clonophis kirtlandii Size: 14 – 24.5” (adult total length) Status: Rare and declining throughout range. This snake prefers open damp areas like marsh edges and wet fields. Jeff knew what it was - a Kirtland's snake, Clonophis kirtlandii - and was quite excited by the find for two reasons. 17 posts • Page 1 of 1. Kirtland's snake can be found in the southeastern most parts of Michigan, most of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and north central Kentucky. Sep 22, 2013 - Kirtland's Snake (Clonophis kirtlandii). The specific name, kirtlandii, is in honor of Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland, an American naturalist of the Nineteenth Century. Biogeographic Regions; nearctic. Post by Phil Peak » Sun May 29, 2011 7:55 pm Its been a good week. Late May snake hunting in Kentucky. The snake was first identified by Robert Kennicott in 1855. Habitat: Prefer moist habitats, usually near streams, ditches, marshes, or ponds. While some snakes can be easily identified with a quick comparison to a photograph, others can be a little more difficult. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Stay safe and healthy. Field Herp Forum. Kennicott sent a specimen to Spencer Fullerton Baird, the assistant secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, who offered to publish a description of the animal in Kennicott's name. Much of its known range is within the postglacial "prairie peninsula." Status listed as "threatened" in Kentucky. Dedicated exclusively to field herping. Two, it was a bizarre aberrant individual - this Kirtland's snake was completely unpatterned and quite different in appearance than would be a normally marked individual. Since 1980 it has been observed in only a quarter of those counties. Late May snake hunting in Kentucky. Etymology. The general range where each species is known to occur within the state is indicated by blue on these maps. Moderator: Scott Waters.

The current distribution of this snake is centered in metropolitan areas in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Kirtland’s Snake. Status listed as "threatened" in Kentucky.

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