Top Krokus Songs, according to lastfm api stats. "Screaming in the Night" was the band's biggest hit to date, and is still played on classic rock radio stations. I found this record to be thirty eight minutes of mindless fun and you … Their album Headhunter was a platinum album in the United States. 3:20. Top Songs By Krokus. Krokus's cover of Sweet's "The Ballroom Blitz" also appeared in the 2007 game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. 'You only find that out when you play the songs over and over again and compare them with your own best songs,' says von Rohr, who also produced the album. Ballroom blitz Ballroom blitz It's, it's a ballroom blitz It's, it's a ballroom blitz It's, it's a ballroom blitz Yeah, it's a ballroom blitz The music was soothing And they all started grooving Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And the man at the back said ‽Everyone attacked and it turned into a … Krokus- Too Hot by Huuuui. Krokus - Ballroom Blitz by ramborock84. It was announced on April 20, 2008, that the classic lineup of Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Freddy Steady, Mark Kohler and Marc Storace had reunited, and would be releasing a new studio record in 2010 with a supporting world tour. 4:01. Gold in the USA. Mixed at Soundworks Studios, New York City. Released in 1984, The Blitz was another commercial success, but it also found Krokus moving in a more pop-metal-oriented direction, and reflected internal instability, as it was the second album in a row in which the band broke in a new drummer; Steve Pace replaced Freddy Steady on Headhunter, and Jeff Klaven took over on The Blitz. Krokus - Russian Winter by GrzechoGrinder. TRACK. Krokus. by Marco Lucchi. ARTIST.

When you look back at music in 1984, The Blitz is definitely a fairly light weight offering. 3:33. krokus - school's out by jmzilver.

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So far, all Krokus albums have gone platinum in Switzerland. Recorded at The Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, B.C. Krokus . Krokus Tokyo Nights by kou koukou.

Born To Be Wild. Screaming In The Night.
102,588. Screaming In The Night. Recording information: Produced by Bruce Fairbairn. Born To Be Wild. Krokus "Heatstrokes" wurde im Jahre 1979 in London für die Sendung "Rock Biz Pix" aufgezeichnet. It is featured on the 1983 album Headhunter.
5:47. Stylistically, The Blitz pretty much picked up where Krokus' breakthrough, Headhunter, left off.But ultimately, it failed to equal its predecessor's platinum sales, grinding to a halt just past gold status.

4:23. In 1977 Krokus merged together with the band Montezuma. Especially compared to Krokus' previous albums but that does not mean it is a throw away album. All songs by Marc Storace/Fernando Von Arb, except 6 by Michael Chapman/Nicky Chinn and 3 by Marc Storace/Fernando Von Arb/Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance.

3:46. Krokus jammed around 50 songs to find out which ones really fitted the bill and were best suited to getting the full Krokus treatment. Engineered by Bob Rock.

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