Attractive and loving, lovebirds make great pets. Visit the post for more. This species has two recognized subspecies: A. r. catumbella , which is mostly found in Angola, and A. r. roseicollis , which is found mostly in Namibia, Botswana, and parts of South Africa. World Famous Types Of Colorful Love Birds Mutation of The Day. Description: The Lutino Lovebird, a particularly striking bird with an overall yellow coloring and a bright red face, is a mutation of the Peach-faced Lovebird. You'll never be bored around these creatures, with their chirping skills and their wonderfully bubbly personality. The three species of lovebirds that fall into this category are the Madagascar lovebird, the red-faced lovebird and the Abyssinian lovebird.

Scientific Name: Agapornis roseicollis var.
It acts by removing removing all of the melanin, the dark pigment, from the bird while the pigments of yellow and red are uneffected. ... How to Care for a Lovebird. For large national-level shows the Rare and Eye-ring species are shown in a separate division from the Peachfaced but for most smaller, local shows all the sections are considered to be within a single Love Bird division. The lutino mutation is a sex-linked gene. The Fischer’s lovebird, along with the masked, black-cheeked and the Nyasa lovebird, have prominent white eye rings Diet & Nutrition: Parrot food The Fischer’s lovebird might not be as popular as the more common peach-faced lovebird but it has an equally charming personality. African Love Bird Society Show Classifications These are the official show classifications for ALBS-affiliated shows. The rosy-faced lovebird, also known as the peach-faced lovebird and the rosy-collared lovebird, is found in the deserts of southwestern Africa, particularly the Namib Desert.

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