View User Profile View Posts Send Message Just Getting Started; Join Date: 8/10/2014 Like any good control deck, you need a way to finish things off, and red excels at one of these beyond all others: big damage. I have 3 decks in total; 2 mono-red and 1 green/red deck… and I’m working on another mono-red deck. After that, I've been slowly working on what my friends would joke as, "Spreading the Mono-White gospel", and brewing a bunch of different Mono-White decks across multiple power levels with different play styles, to demonstrate what White could do in Commander and change the way we could look at approaching the problems of deck building/playing in EDH.

My main goal is to control game, (of course) by using some politics and playing … My absolute favorite deck in Standard is all flavors of Mono Red aggro, and I recently took Aaron Barich’s list to #10 Mythic, and a top 16 finish at SCG Baltimore.If you have any questions about the deck, feel free to email me at or message me on Twitter at @gabriele_mark! and it has inconsistent creature removal through burn. This is a pretty cool deck! Protection and indestructible are serious issues for the color. mono red lacks a lot of what people tend to value in EDH. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue.

My playgroup has stated that red is the worst edh color and impossible to build around. That's way too long, IMO, especially for mono-red. Chicago native Davis Merced lost in Round 13 to Luis Scott-Vargas. (101 cards, 70 distinct) - Reforge the Soul, Sword of the Animist, Masterwork of Ingenuity, Blasphemous Act, Vandalblast, Sol Ring, O-Naginata They also think the only viable strategy red has is aggro with either goblins/purphoros. will go onto the stack, and resolve. R Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Mono Red Control Decklist W Nahiri, the Lithomancer Mono White Control Decklist R G W U Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis Aikido Control Decklist U B Gisa and Geralf Tribal Aggro Decklist U R G Riku of Two Reflections Non-combo coolstuff Decklist R W U Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder and Kraum, Ludovic's Opus Equipments Decklist Card Kingdom 976.28 - 1180.6 . Checkout Acquireboard. the draw and search in red isn't very good. Worn Powerstone costs less mana and is usable more quickly. Control options are entirely possible within a mono-red deck; you can play combo decks, with or without artifacts; even Reanimator is within the realm of possibility. Mono Red Control EDH Commander / EDH* john1023va. and it has inconsistent creature removal through burn. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Roelio. TCGPlayer 787.61 - 1020.53 . mono red lacks a lot of what people tend to value in EDH. Anyway, I thought I would compile a list of … Edit. Upvote 0. Checkout Acquireboard. Im addicted to control and specially to mono-coloured decks. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. I really enjoy mono red in EDH right now, its really unique DISCUSSION So I just finished [[Feldon of the Third Path]]and have to admit its really a unique perspective of any EDH game. Aside from a few bombs like Insurrection and Viscous Shadows and fun tricks like Word of Seizing and Wild Ricochet, it sometimes seems like the color of burn just isn't as viable in a format where the life totals are high and the creatures are fat.

Jaya Ballard, Task Mage - Mono Red Control #1 Jul 10, 2015. Card Kingdom 445.57 - 587.95 . OthelloColdstone. Playtest v1. the only real consistent removal cards red has is land and artifact destruction. [MCD] Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Looking for win conditions in mono red.

Both colors have limited access to mana ramp and card draw effects, which makes for a difficult time in a multiplayer environment. But red has more tools than conventional wisdom suggests.

I recently built my own mono blue deck, so I can provide some feedback.

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