They sometimes grow wild in yards within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9, but cultivars are available at garden centers. It’s probably about 12′ tall now.

Some species have aromatic oils in the foliage. Mountain laurel requires an acid, well-aerated soil. Also known as 'Texas mountain laurel,' this evergreen shrub can get up to 15 feet high by 10 feet wide. They are woody plants with deep-green, glossy leaves. With rich evergreen foliage throughout the year and dense branches, the English laurel scientifically known as Prunus Laurocerasus is a popular for those wanting a lush, formally pruned privacy screen.

Mountain Laurel. Texas Mountain Laurel Sophora secundiflora.

It tolerates shade, but some exposure to sun is required for proper flower color development of red and pink cultivars. Fragrant violet-blue flowers in terminal clusters create a wonderful display in spring against the backdrop of shiny dark green foliage.

This multi-stemmed evergreen is excellent for use as a large shrub or small tree. Laurel is a superb hedging plant. A laurel hedge's roots become intertwined and make the border even stronger than a single plant. The narrow plots typically found behind most brownstones and row houses get little light due to neighboring trees and adjacent buildings, so using showy plants that require hours of full sun is not realistic. Mountain laurel is a native shrub that thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. The 'Texas mountain laurel' grows in poor soil with good drainage. Fragrant violet-blue flowers in terminal clusters create a wonderful display in spring against the backdrop of shiny dark green foliage. Sku #7100. Once established, your evergreen Schipka Cherry Laurel (Skip Laurel) will need no maintenance at all!

If you want a quick screen then plant your laurel hedging plants at 2ft apart but if you are willing to wait a bit longer, you will get just as dense a hedge by planting at 3ft apart. All types of laurel should be planted between 2 and 3 feet (60-90cm) apart. Skip laurel. Mountain Laurel Designs: MLD Gear is the most super ultra light backpacking gear and wilderness equipment available anywhere. Mountain laurel, or Kalmia latifolia, is an evergreen shrub in U.S. hardiness zones 6-8.It is beloved for its unique, open branching habit; large, azalea-like foliage; and its beautiful, wax-like star-shaped flowers which are available in red, pink or white. For a larger hedge, plant the Shipka Cherry Laurel 4 to 5 feet apart. The pink-flowering types are the most popular. Just received the package with the many different types of seed I ordered.

It is a superior flowering shrub for groups or massing in shrub borders or cottage gardens woodland areas or in wild naturalized areas; it may be used for a hedge or as foundation plant; Mountain Laurel is lovely as a compliment to rhododendrons and azal A laurel hedge's roots become intertwined and make the border even stronger than a single plant. The growth rate is less than 12 inches a year. Mountain Laurel: A Shade-Tolerant Native With Beautiful Blossoms By Jeanne Rostaing | June 3, 2016 When it comes to spectacular flowers, most city gardeners have limited choices. Told you I liked these! Its light pink blooms provide a nice splash of color amongst all of the green leaves that decorate the trees. For a really dense barrier you can also plant a double row, 3 feet between the rows and 6 to 7 feet between the plants. In late spring, it bears clusters of flowers in white, pink, and red.

When cut, the plant resprouts from the roots.

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