You will see many times where Muttons are more interested in a, well presented, fresh bait than a live one. This mutton snapper was caught by Bullbuster Ambassador Flying Fish Charters In Key West. 1. 1) Make a Bimini Twist on the end of the main line. Inshore Mutton Snapper Muttons can be caught inshore near reefs and along mangroves. My Favorite Mutton Snapper Bottom Rig 1) On the end of your line tie on a swivel. They are also prevalent along “Cuts” or Inlets where there is a good amount of tidal flow. This type of bait presentation is not always possible or easy to master, but is very effective. Tips For Fishing While Fishing Inshore - Rig a 6- foot spinning rod and reel with 15-pound test monofilament when targeting muttons inshore. The best baits for Mutton Snapper are: Speedos malpica, Ballyhoo escribano, Mullet lisa, squid calamar, mackerel macarela, Herring machuelo, blue crabs haivas, Bonito and Pinfish chopa.

3) Fasteh the double line to one end of a barrel swivel of similar size. A knocker rig or a jig work well for this.

Attach a ten to fifteen foot section of 30 pound test line. Mutton, just like most snappers, also respond well when the bait is naturally drifting with the current (especially on the bottom). 2) Thread the double line through the open end of a 150-pound snap swivel. These rigs are fished on the drift, preferably over sandy patches that run between reefs. Any good knot will do. The deep sliding sinker rig is a perfect bottom rig for mutton snapper. One of the all-time favorites snapper baits is a ballyhoo plug, one cut so it brings out the flavor of the bait while thwarting the little guys.

Make use of the number 4 short stem hook and …

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