But be warned it is different from the book in the sense that there is a lot more malice involved to make it 30 episodes worthy. 0/286 likes in common. ... Love 020. So although Love O2O is a Chinese drama and Something About 1 Percent is a Korean drama, they both deliver on cute, fluffy relationships. If you like. Gu Man is a young Chinese internet novelist, who writes modern-time romance novels with a slight Cinderella theme. Gu Man O2O Parallel: Boss & Me, My Sunshine & Love 020. by Patricia, October 21, 2016. 2 Save. If you liked the novel you might also like the drama adaptation Love 020. 82 80. No recommendations found ... People who like Love 020 (TV Show) Angelina Marchesano @angelinamarchesano.

The movie version of this drama cast Angelababy as Wei Wei which was closer to the description of Wei Wei in the novel. 359 Tastepoints. 0 Meh. The novel described Wei Wei as a beautiful young woman with the perfect body and frankly speaking, Zheng Shuan's not the best around when it comes to having curves where curves should be. Follow E. Eliza Luo @2elizaluo2. Still well made but not the same enjoyment as reading the novel. All Music Movies TV shows Books Authors Games Podcasts. Her published works have become extremely popular online, which has led to the recent drama adaptions. Add to a new list. Add to list. A great read very light romance, well paced novel excluding the fast wrap up end. 8 Like. If you like Love 020 TV Show. I felt so good while watching both and I think if your a fan of one you're likely to like the other. 0 Dislike.

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