The official Oculus Link cable is available for purchase now.

Oculus Link Headset Cable. Official Oculus Link Headset Cable. Its lightweight, flexible design empowers you to take on a wide range of games from the action-packed Oculus Rift library. Oculus Link Compatibility.

The beta for Oculus Link launched today, which lets you use your Quest as a PC VR headset with a USB 3.0 cable. Cas and Chary VR Thu, February 20, 2020 9:17pm URL: Embed: PartyLink recently released a 16ft / 5m cable for ONLY $30. Hello, I have been trying to find a suitable alternative to the Oculus link cable for the EU region (Latvia) but I haven't really managed to find anything. MrLatvian Posts: 1.

This past November, Facebook began rolling out beta access to Oculus Link, a game-changing service that allows standalone users to access high-end PC VR content on their Oculus Quest headsets using a compatible USB-C 3.0 cable.

Oculus Link requires a high-quality USB cable.

Let’s check if it’s a good alternative to the official Oculus Link cable for Quest.

4M USB C 3.1 Gen 2 Oculus Quest Link Cable Alternative, 10Gbps, 5A (100W) with E-Marker + 90 Degree Angle Type-C Connection Play comfortably in virtual reality with this Oculus Link Cable alternative.The 90-degree right angle USB C connector plugs comfortably into your headset, while the opposite end plugs into your PC via a heavy-duty USB C connector with a reinforced base that can … 16ft / 10ft Oculus Link Cable ALTERNATIVES By PartyLink Review.

Oculus link cable alternative EU? While the expensive pricing may have come as a shock to users initially, the further you dig into the third-party alternatives, the more reasonable this $80 becomes. That's pretty rough for a single cord, and is 20% of a Oculus Quest's MSRP. 20 February 2020 by Cas. Oculus is now selling the Oculus Link cable and it comes in at a steep $80. Can somebody help out if you bought a cable for EU? Accessing PC VR content via your standalone headset just became exponentially easier. According to Oculus, the cable … If you'd like to use Oculus Link to connect your Quest to a PC, please start by reviewing the compatibility requirements.

Best Option: Official Oculus Link Headset Cable. Oculus Link allows Oculus Quest to become a PC VR headset by tethering to a VR ready PC. We recommend looking for a high-quality USB 3 C to C or USB A to C cable with proven performance. NerveGear.

The best Oculus Link cables for Oculus Quest Jason Faulkner Thursday, January 30, 2020 One of the Oculus Quest ‘s coolest features is that you can use it as a PC headset with Oculus Link . February 18 in Oculus Quest. Cable Requirements.

$79 USD * Play the best of both worlds with Oculus Link. Officially recommended by Oculus as the best alternative to their own cable; Overall, this is much cheaper than the official cable and works for 9/10 people.

Il cavo ufficiale per Oculus Link è …
A high-speed fiber optic cable that connects your compatible gaming PC to our all-in-one Oculus Quest headset.

Disponibilità limitata nel 2020 per il cavo originale per Oculus Link. Image Credit: Oculus.

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