Here are some fun facts: – Penguins are flightless birds.
– While other birds have wings for flying, penguins have adapted flippers to help them swim in the water. An area of untouched beauty- rugged rocks and pristine water. The closure of the Island has contributed to the huge increase in penguin colony size. Penguin Island is a 12.5 ha island off the coast near Perth, Western Australia, 700 m from Rockingham.It is home to a colony of approximately 1,200 little penguins, the largest population of the birds in Western Australia.The waters surrounding the island make up the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Enjoy the scenic highlights of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and keep a look out for the local wildlife! Satellite tracking from Phillip Island Nature Parks shows that Phillip Island's little penguins swim an average 15 to 50 kilometres (9-31 miles) a day. The deepest little penguin dive recorded is 72 meters. This includes diving up an down as they look for fish. Easy walking along boardwalks to viewing platforms. Experience wild koalas in their natural habitat and stroll through Aussie bushland at our environmentally sustainable Centre dedicated to koala conservation.

A very informative talk in the discovery centre and a chance to get up An average dive in … – Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. Over summer each year, people who want to visit Middle Island can come along to our “Meet the Maremma Tours” and experience the Project firsthand. This 60 minute glass bottom boat cruise takes in the ruggedly spectacular coastlines of Penguin, Seal & Bird Islands and a 30 minuted guided walk on Penguin Island. Penguin Island is a treasure in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. The vessel represents a major improvement on the old ferry ‘MV Penguin Island’ which when retired in 2006 was believed to be the oldest running ferry in Western Australia. – The Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin species that ventures north of … The ‘Penguin Express’ comfortably carries 75 passengers and 2 crew.

It features sliding glass windows all round so guests can stay warm and comfortable regardless of the weather.
penguin island Wildlife CruiseWinter time is penguin nesting season!

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of Australia's most popular wildlife attractions - perfect for a family holiday or getting back to nature. An abundance of bird life. Middle Island has been closed to the public since 2006 to protect penguin burrows from human trampling which can harm penguins, penguin chicks and eggs.

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