Read on and get enlightened. Think of things you desire in your life, speak words of good report and make your daily choices in alignment with your desires. The point of aim is the center base of the target. Sure, they may look good, but now you’ll need to zero them. To make the peep sight easier to grasp, the elevation knob is turned to its highest point (1,000 meters).

The image showing proper shotgun sight alignment was very helpful for me as I’m a beginner when it comes to shooting.

The red arrows indicate where you will be looking to ensure there is equal space on either side of the front sight post. Another type of sight is called a peep sight and is made of a little circle that you look through. The M48 front sight is a standard male post friction-fitted into a female dovetail and sheltered by a round hood. With iron sights, however, there are three points to focus on: both sides of the rear sight and the front sight. So I need to pay attention to the front sight not on the target.

A buckhorn sight is a type of iron sight, designed for use on a rifle. This is so very easy to say, but so very difficult and challenging to accomplish. The front sight performs all M48 windage adjustments. A lot of times the rear sight looks like a rectangle with a little half circle cut out in the middle top.


All three must be aligned and must be on target before … Whenever readjusting the range, the point of aim is never changed. Zeroing, or aligning sights to a single point on a target, is a simple process. Part 1: Sight Alignment Intro: The eye is lined up with the top of the front sight, and the location of the rear sight is adjusted (this means moving the gun, and perhaps the head), until an imaginary line between the eye and the front sight passes through the rear sight at the proper spot.

First, you need to choose a measure of distance that you want your zero to be in.

So I need to pay attention to the front sight not on the target. Many old lever-action rifles came with buckhorn sights. A buckhorn sight consists of a straight post mounted on the front of the barrel, and a notched metal blade toward the rear of the barrel.

Getting a set of iron sights on your rifle is only half the battle. The major keys to aiming and effective target hits are to properly align your sights, get the proper sight picture, and keep your properly aligned sights on target with little movement at the precise time the hammer falls. A proper sight alignment will have the front sight post even with the shoulders of the rear sight aperture and centered in the aperture’s notch. Know that you are the power in your life, you are not a victim, your life is yours to create. The fall of the Iron Curtain released this stockpile of mint condition "Yugo Mausers" onto the retail market. The front sight is made to fill the space between the sides of the rear sight. The rear sight makes ladder-style elevation adjustments with a sliding tangent. The appropriate adjustment is made for the peep sight, and then the sight is returned to the desired range. Each rear sight will have a coordinating front sight. The peep sight can be turned nine 180-degree turns from top to bottom. Perfect for an instructor to demonstrate proper sight alignment with common pistol sights(Comes as a front and rear sight set)

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