These pellets are filled with protein and will help add the necessary weight to your rabbits in a short amount of time. The mortality rates of embryos are high in rabbits and can be due to infection, trauma, poor nutrition and environmental stress so a high fertility rate is necessary to counter this.

The rabbit's rich milk sustains the babies for 24 hours at a time. (Poor mama!) This means that mama could, hypothetically, have one litter per month if she is constantly with a male rabbit. It is important to have an active role in the breeding of the rabbit so a birth date can be calculated. Kits are altricial, meaning they are entirely reliant on their mothers' care. It is best to be prepared and learn all the facts about rabbit pregnancy - symptoms, stages and care - to be able to look after your pet during the crucial gestation period and after the baby bunnies (called kits) are born. Pregnancy and giving birth is an important time in the life of your rabbit. Along with being bipartite, the female rabbit does not go through an estrus cycle, which causes mating induced ovulation. The prolific nature of the rabbit has linked them with fertility and the cycle of life and death since ancient times. ... After birth, the female can become pregnant again as early as the next day. Most often the first nursing will occur the night after the kindling. The mother does not build a regular nest but places each baby in a separate hiding place.

Smaller breed female rabbits are ready to reproduce at 5 months, while medium-sized does should be bred for the first time when they are 6 months old. A doe typically has between three and seven kits per litter. You can purchase rabbit pellets from a feed store. Only rarely does a mother rabbit nurse her young right after giving birth.

Rabbit gestation lasts 28-31 days, and because they are induced ovulators, mother rabbits can be impregnated again within minutes of giving birth. This way, if a predator finds one of the young, the others are not at risk. Rabbits Giving Birth - a Video. Since rabbits tend to kindle when no one is looking, it is not every day that breeders get to see their does in action. Feeding Your Rabbits. When raising rabbits for meat there are many options for food. In fact the idea of the Easter bunny probably arose from the medieval belief that rabbits, as a creator of life, ushered in the dawn (Fig 1) (Mayer 2003). Over her lifetime, a doe can produce up to one litter per month during the breeding season.

Maryjane, owner of Faithful Flemish Rabbitry in Oak Ridge, NJ, sent this video to me and graciously granted permission for us to show it to you.It features her Flemish Giant rabbit giving birth. Life Cycle of a Rabbit ... Rabbit Birth. Large female rabbits are ready at 8 months.

If you choose to buy commercial dry food, here’s a good article that compares the nutrition for every dry food brand. The doe births her kits in a grass- and fur-lined nest, safely inside her burrow. Unlike true rabbits, who are born bald and helpless, a jack rabbit gives birth to young who are already well-furred and open-eyed.

Female rabbits don't go into heat but release eggs within 13 hours after mating. The preferred mealtime is between mid night and 5:00 a.m. A mother rabbit does not lie down in the nest, as a cat would do, but stands over the babies to nurse them.

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