With rest of the birth stars you are moderately compatible. Satabhisha Nakshatra is also known as “100 physicians or 100 Lotus” and has healing powers. It means that if the house of marriage and love are fortified in your horoscope, you can go ahead with these natives. It has divine power because of the eight ‘Vasus’ or deities presiding the Nakshatra.

No wonder if I say you are jack of all trades. Spread from after 20: in Kumbha up to 3:20’ in Meena, the ruling planet is Jupiter, deity Ajopada (Rudra). ... Satabhisha Nakshatra Profession, Career and wealth sources. People born in this Nakshatra are suitable for career pertaining to space, astronomy, science, aircraft, radar technology, x-ray, photography, pharmaceutical industry, alcohol, drugs, waste-disposal and …
Pushya Nakshatra Characteristics & Compatibility. Satabhisha Nakshatra is a significant Nakshatra among the twenty seven Nakshatra. Jyotisha Bharati is one of the oldest Astrological Institution in Mumbai, India. Given bellow are the qualities of the nakshatras as given in the scriptures. A group of stars residing in the realm of Aquarius, Satabhisha Nakshatra, is ruled by Saturn and has the divine power of Vishnu. His eyes will be bright and big & forehead broad and nose a little bigger. Given bellow are the qualities of the nakshatras as given in the scriptures. Suitable Career or Profession for Pushya Nakshatra . Satabhisha Nakshatra. You shine in a profession where orthodox or out of box thinking, technique is required to accomplish the task. The Satabhisha Nakshatra is the divine enclosure of lord Varuna as beginning with 6:40 degrees and ending at 20 degrees in Kumbha or Aquarius zodiac which is ruled by planet Rahu throughout the confinements and expressed in a symbol of cycle. People born in this Nakshatra have the appearance of a well-to-do person. But they are very simple, principled people living a simple, straightforward life. 27 Nakshatra’s Pada Effects compiled by Jaya Tirtha Caran Dasan copyright ' 1998 NAKSHATRAS - GENDER-RESULT - NATURE - RULED BY 1 ASWINI M GOOD GENTLE ASWINIDEVATAS 1st Pada: Not good for child or for the father 2nd Pada: Good 3rd Pada: Good 4th Pada: Good Vishakha – The Triumph Arch . Suitable Career or Profession for Satabhisha Nakshatra .

Dhanishta (23.20 Capricorn-6.40 Aquarius) is governed by Vasus, the God of the Flute. ... Anuradha, Moola, Poorvashada, Dhanishta and Satabhisha.

The 23 rd birth star of Nakshatra is at the “Royal Number 23”, and that is why has the female lion as a symbol..

The Dhanishtha Nakshatra is ruled by Apah, Anila, Anala, Dhruva, Dhara, Soma, Pravasha, and Pratyusa. This native is suitable for the fields … Dhanishta – The Flute . This star is known to bring symphony in the lives of others, being placed under the custody of Mars. When gazing at this nakshatra in the sky, Sadalachbia (Gamma Aquarii) is the brightest star of the group. Whichever profession your little one chooses, she will feel rewarded if she is helping to make others better, whether physically, materially, mentally or emotionally.

Vishakha is a Star of Purpose and evokes various meanings such as double-branched, forked, or poison vessel. The symbol of Shatabhisha is an empty circle, which indicates the ability to … This is the only site where you will get authentic information about Nakshatras from 3 great scriptures. It is under the divine enclosure of lord Varuna. Vishakha (20.00 Libra-3.20 Scorpio) is ruled by Agni and Indra and is a constellation of four stars forming the left half of the scales of Libra.

Character and general events:The native may appear to be very calm and quiet, but capable of getting his work done un-noticed … Symbol a circle. This is the only site where you will get … Shatabhistha nakshatra (Aquarii) Spread from after 6:40 up to 20: in Kumbha, the ruling planet is Rahu and the ruling deity is Varuna. But they are very intelligent and have good intuition power so are capable to re-discover lost traditional secrets. Purvabhadra nakshatra (Pegasi). Shatabhishaka is the Nakshatra owned by the Northern node Rahu.The entire span of this Nakshatra falls in the sign Kumbha (Aquarius), from 6°40' to 20°00'. This nakshatra is known to endow those born under it with a healing touch. Shatabhisha is known as "100 physicians" and is connected to medicine and healing abilities. Your Shatabhisha nakshatra child will have an innate desire to serve and cure people. Satabhishak Nakshatra Empty Circle Physical features: Male born with moon in ‘Aswini Nakshatra’ will have a wonderful countenance.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Male: Profession and Related Areas The male native of the Shatabhisha Nakshatra will face a torrid time till the age of 34, after which he will make steady progress in his profession or business. People born under this star are independent and intrigued with puzzles, research and getting to the bottom of things. They have a good memory and a tendency to remember all the bad experiences.

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