Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (Netflix/Steve Honigsbaum) Netflix's "Crip Camp" delivers a message of radicalism and compassion that we all need right now This 1950-70s summer camp … By Phil Guie March 31, 2020. Netflix's new documentary 'Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution' director and former camper Jim LeBrecht reveals all about Camp Jened. Crip Camp.

As a non-disabled person, I experienced the eye-opening nature of Crip Camp … Crip Camp is a political film; it visibilizes the history of one of the most invisibilized communities in this country and it insists on being seen authentically amidst a pool of narratives that disenfranchise the voice of people living with disabilities. Camp Jened, the titular “crip camp,” was formed in the early ‘50s as a summer sleepaway camp for the disabled, one of the only camps of its kind.

Campers at Camp Jened, as seen in Crip Camp. "Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution," is a fascinating look at how a Woodstock-like camp for the disabled became the incubator for a generation of activism. By 1971, it was one of the few that remained for disabled kids to form some of the most essential experiences many able-bodied kids associate with growing up. Steve Honigsbaum/Sundance Institute Nicole Newnham. A photo of Camp Jened from the early 1970s (Steve Honigsbaum/Netflix) From the start, this inspiring documentary doesn’t want viewers feeling sorry for its subjects, all of whom have disabilities, including co-director Jim LeBrecht, who was born with spinal bifida, a condition that left him unable to walk.

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