Definition. Chemical synapses enable the transmission of information (action potentials) from one neuron to another. Neurotransmitter, any of a group of chemical substances released by neurons to stimulate other neurons or muscle or gland cells. In a neuron, synaptic vesicles, also called neurotransmitter vesicles, store the various neurotransmitters that are released during calcium-regulated exocytosis at the presynaptic terminal into the synaptic cleft of a synapse. Synaptic vesicles - Small sacs inside a neuron's terminal buttons, in which neurotransmitters are stored. Chemical Synapse: The first is the chemical synapse in with the electrical activity in the presynaptic neuron triggers the release of chemical messengers, the neurotransmitters. …a microscopic space called the synaptic cleft. Information and translations of synaptic cleft in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. It must cross over a gap between the pre-synaptic neuron and post-synaptic neuron – which is known as the synaptic gap. Look it up now! Signaling by neurotransmitters allows impulses to be passed from one cell to the next throughout the nervous system. Synapses are junctions between neurons in which information is … Once the action potential reaches the end of the axon it needs to be transferred to another neuron or tissue. Learn more about the types and functions of neurotransmitters. Psychology Definition of SYNAPTIC CLEFT: a gap in a synapse between the terminal butt on one neuron and the dendrite of a neighbouring neuron. Presynaptic definition, being or occurring on the transmitting end of a discharge across a synapse. Most neurons do not communicate directly with one another due to the space that separate them, the synaptic cleft. Synaptic polarization Edit. Synaptic transmission is the process by which one neuron communicates with another.

The synaptic cleft, by definition, is a tiny opening between neurons. The typical synaptic cleft is about 0.02 micron wide. N/A. Term. Synaptic vesicles - Small sacs inside a neuron's terminal buttons, in which neurotransmitters are stored. Synaptic cleft definition, the small gap, measured in nanometers, between an axon terminal and any of the cell membranes in the immediate vicinity. The function of neurons depends upon cellular polarization.The distinctive structure of nerve cells allows action potentials to travel directionally (from dendrites to axons), and for these signals to then be received and carried on by post-synaptic neurons or received by effector cells. This triggers a release of brain chemicals into the synaptic cleft. ... A process in which neurotransmitters are sponged up from the synaptic cleft by the presynaptic membrane. A synaptic cleft (also known as synaptic gap) is the area between two neurons at a synapse. It must cross over the synaptic gap between the presynaptic neuron and post-synaptic neuron. Details. A process called synaptic transmission is necessary for these neurons to communicate. The neurotransmitter then either excites or inhibits the postsynaptic neuron. At the end of the neuron (in the axon terminal) are the synaptic vesicles which contains chemical messengers, known as neurotransmitters. Synapse eliminationEdit Several motorneurones compete for each neuromuscular junction, but only one survives till adulthood.. Synapse - The junction between the axon of one neuron and the cell body or dendrite of a neighboring neuron. Synaptic gap definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. These synapses require chemicals known as neurotransmitters. The key feature of these gaps is that there are organelles bordered by membranes — called the synaptic vesicle — inside the presynaptic axon terminal. The end result is also thought to be a normalization of the neurotransmitters within the cleft. The neurotransmitters diffuse across the synapse and bind to the specialized receptors of the postsynaptic cell. Medical definition of synaptic cleft: the space between neurons at a nerve synapse across which a nerve impulse is transmitted by a neurotransmitter —called also synaptic gap. The arrival of a nerve impulse at the presynaptic terminals causes the movement toward the presynaptic membrane of membrane-bound sacs, or synaptic vesicles, which fuse with the membrane and release a chemical substance called… Read More

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