Memorial Day Weekend. Tesuque Pueblo Blessing of the Fields, Corn Dance. ), Spring Closure May 3, Santa Cruz Feast Day, Foot Races June 13, San Antonio Feast Day, Corn Dance June 24, San Juan Day, Corn Dance

Millicent Rogers Museum Program . Santa Maria Feast Day. Dances at Cochiti Pueblo.

Taos Pueblo Ceremonies All events listed below are religious ceremonies. Stick around for the traditional Corn Dance in the afternoon, sometime around 1:00pm. Sep 19 Laguna Pueblo: San Joseph's Feast Day. Please call ahead. April.

3 - Santa Cruz Feast Day and Corn Dance at Cochiti Pueblo. June 13, San Antonio Feast Day Corn Dances at Sandia and Taos Pueblos Taos Pueblo: Santa Cruz Feast Day, Corn dance, blessing of the fields, traditional foot races. It will remain in your heart and soul forever. For information: (505) 465-2244. No photography is allowed.

June 1st Saturday of the month. The day starts with traditional foot races, the traditional clowns have their pole climb in the afternoon; throughout the day there is an open air market and food stands. Vespers at the San Geronimo church take place the day before … We must all take the precautions to ensure the safety of our community and loved ones. Santa Cruz Feast Day @ Taos Pueblo May 3. We are asking all visitors to refrain from attempting to visit Taos Pueblo as you will not be … May 3 Santa Cruz Feast Day June 13 San Antonio Feast Day June 24 San Juan Feast Day Second Weekend of July — Annual Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow Visit Taos Pueblo Powwow at July 25 Santiago Feast Day July 26 Santa Ana Feast Day Sept. 29 San Geronimo Eve Vespers Jemez Pueblo, Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show & Pow-Wow.

Sep 30 Taos Pueblo: San Geronimo Feast Day; Buffalo dance, trade fair, pole climbing and early morning races.

On Tuesday, May 3, Taos Pueblo hosts Santa Cruz Feast Day, starting with traditional foot races at 8am. We ask that you offer the same respect you would in your church at home. June. 3rd: Santa Cruz Feast Day Taos Pueblo, Blessing of the Fields & Corn Dance and Traditional Foot Races. Taos Pueblo - Santa Cruz Feast Day. 3rd- Taos Pueblo- Santa Cruz Feast Day 15th-16th- Red River- Red River Mountain Brew Bash 21st- 25th- Red River- Memorial Weekend Motorcycle Rally 29th- Farmington- Riverfest TBA Taos- Mother’s Day Rio Grande Whitewater Races TBA- Taos- Mother’s Day Festival San Felipe Pueblo Feast Day - Huge Corn Dance May 3 Santa Cruz Feast Day - Blessing of the Fields and Corn Dance at Taos Pueblo Memorial Day Weekend Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show JUNE First Saturday of the Month Blessing of the Fields at Tesuque Pueblo, Corn Dance. Santa Cruz Feast Day. May. Feast days were introduced by the Spanish colonization and represent the celebration of the Patron Saints of the Catholic religion (see our Event Calendar) Feast Days also coincide with our traditional Pueblo religion which allows the people of our community to practice both the Catholic and Pueblo Religion. May 1st Sun.

Taos Pueblo celebrates the annual harvest feast of San Geronimo on September 30 th. San Felipe Pueblo - Corn Dance. May 3: Santa Cruz Feast Day.

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