The females provide care for the eggs until hatching, often protecting the nest from predation. Care guide and YouTube videos by former AZA zookeeper, TC Houston. Blue-tongued Skink Care Basics. P. s. skiltonianus.

Blue-Tongued Skink Life Span. They need to be able to loosely move through your hands. Scientific Classification; Quick Information Their diet ranges widely, including spiders and beetles. Scientific name: Eumeces skiltonianus PDF version of this page . That said, the more space, the better. Mating takes place in May-June, females lay their eggs in June-July, and the eggs hatch in July-August; the exact timing varies with geographical location. Female Skinks then do something unusual for a lizard – they provide care for their eggs! They do not do well when restrained in general and it is not necessary for handling, I have given my skinks injections of mediation without requiring restraint. It measures about 100 to 210 mm (about 4 to 8.25 inches) in total length (body + tail). The lighter their colour the more energetic they are. It measures about 100 to 210 mm (about 4 to 8.25 inches) in total length (body + tail). Some … While holding your skink do not hold them by the tail or squeeze their body as this can cause harm or even tail break (caudal autotomy). Skilton’s Skink. The western skink is the only lizard in Washington that has a bright blue tail, shiny smooth scales, and stripes running along the length of their body. (The name of the genus of these lizards, Eumeces, was changed to Plestiodon in 2008. Captive care of Northern Blue Tongue Skinks. Western skink is a small to medium sized species of lizard found in North America. If you're still worried about it being legal or not, maybe you should let it go and go buy a legal one from a local pet store. Lampropholis guichenoti can grow to a maximum of 14 cm, but rarely exceeds 9 cm. A blue-tailed skink is a black and yellow striped lizard with yellowish stripes on its sides and back that lead into a bright blue tail. I have 2 myself. Blue Tongue Skink Care Guide.

In most existing literature these lizards will be called Eumeces gilberti and Eueces skiltonianus.
(The name of the genus of these lizards, Eumeces, was changed to Plestiodon in 2008. Subspecies I've seen: P. s. interparietalis. Good Luck

T. scincoides scincoides – Common or Eastern Blue-Tongue Skink: Can often be found in semi-desert to agricultural areas of most of eastern Australia and the upper third of the Northern Territory, far northern Western Australia, and southeastern South Australia. Schneider's Skink Care Sheet Common Name: Schneider's Skink, Berber Skink, Dotted Skink Latin name: Eumeces schneideri Native to: Northwest Africa and Western Asia Size: 16 inches Life span: Up to 20 years General appearance: The Schneider's skink is a long tubular skink with sandy coloration. The Western Skink has a shiny appearance because the body is covered in smooth and shiny, rounded scales. It is one of five species of lizards in Canada.

Western Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857, Baja California, Mexico — May 14, 2013. Fire Skink. They spend much of their day basking in the sun. Female Skinks often behave territorially in the area of their nests, defending their eggs aggressively.

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