How long after robin eggs hatch do the birds leave the nest? This post is one of several on nesting birds at the Arboretum. A female Robin will lay eggs about two to three times a year during the appropriate months. We set lots of eggs. So you should be seeing mommy robins feeding young in May. Even in good weather, she rarely leaves her eggs for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Robins lay three to five eggs during their first nesting season, one egg each day until the clutch is complete. There are considerable losses during the egg and chick stage only about 57 per cent of eggs from completed clutches result in fledged youngsters. Time of Day. According to wikipedia, the eggs of the American Robin hatch 14 days after they are laid, while the European Robin's eggs hatch in 13-14 days. The female incubates the eggs over a two-week period and both parents care for the young. Under normal conditions, robins sit on their nests to provide that warmth and safety; however, when something happens to the mother, the eggs must be kept warm in other ways. We have robins nesting in a wall mounted flower pot - six eggs all hatched and growing well.

Robin eggs incubate for approximately 14 days, with the female parent brooding on the nest in order to keep the babies warm.

The American robin has a very wide range. When do robins nest? The female typically lays two to four light blue eggs - about the size and weight of a quarter (see photo). They start laying their eggs between mid-April and mid-August, with baby chicks fledging after around two weeks. They spend several days hopping around on the ground and climbing low branches until their wings are strong enough for flight. Robins keep the clutch cool before the last egg is laid so the nestlings all hatch at approximately the same time.
First it breaks a hole in the shell with its egg tooth, a hard hook on its beak. No wonder hatching may take a whole day. Each nest of eggs may contain anywhere from two to six eggs. Many factors affect egg laying, such as fitness, day length, food abundance and environmental temperature. When do robins nest? Unlike most other small, migratory birds, robins mate during the morning and lay their eggs in the early afternoon hours. Some begin as early as winter, some late in summer, and yet others breed and lay year-round. We do not linger on the porch and go into and out of the house quickly so we do not frighten her. Most blue tits begin building their nest in late March. Robin eggs. This bluebird pair had a successful nest earlier this year.

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